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Subminimal Flick WDT Espresso Distribution Tool – Espresso Stirrer Tool For Barista-Grade Precision Brewing – Espresso Tamper With Retractable Needles – Coffee & Espresso Machine Parts & Accessories

Price: $29.00
(as of Jun 04, 2024 18:51:18 UTC – Details)

Effortless Espresso Preparation: Elevate your coffee experience with the Subminimal Flick WDT Tool. Engineered with retractable needles for enhanced safety, this espresso distribution tool guarantees a smooth and secure puck preparation. Featuring one-click deployment and effortless retraction, it eliminates concerns about exposed needles found in traditional WDT tools.
Interactive and Enjoyable: Taking cues from the popular barista fidget spinner, this WDT tool adds a playful twist to your coffee ritual. Bid farewell to mundane coffee accessories and relish the interactive journey of crafting your perfect cup. The WDT Flick Espresso Distribution Tool serves as a great gift for any occasion, and is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!
Effortless Operation & Maintenance: Featuring a convenient magnetic release mechanism, this espresso needle distributor swiftly deploys for immediate use. Equipped with two sets of replacement needles and an Allen Key, maintenance is hassle-free. Whether you’re new to espresso tools or a seasoned pro, the Flick WDT tool is designed for intuitive, straightforward operation.
Innovative Design & Flexible Placement: The Flick WDT showcases a clever espresso stirrer that offers two placement options – either stand-alone with its robust aluminum base or magnetically attached to your espresso machine or wall. This smart design ensures your espresso whisk stays hygienic and readily accessible.
Beyond Coffee Distribution: Elevate your coffee ritual with this espresso distribution tool for coffee aficionados. Meticulously crafted, this espresso WDT tool is designed to savor every step of your espresso preparation journey.