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Espresso Tamper 53mm Coffee Tamper for Espresso Machine Spring Loaded Hand Tamper with Stainless Steel Base Espresso Distribution Tool Coffee Stirrer Perfect Espresso Accessories Kit Barista Set

Price: $28.99
(as of Jun 03, 2024 22:48:12 UTC – Details)

Sturdy & Durable Material – Our espresso tamper is made from high-quality walnut-wooden handle and food-safe stainless steel tamper base to help prevent damage or rust from forming. The spring loaded tamper is strong, with a tight texture, smooth surface and ergonomic arc to provide you with a comfortable grip. The package comes with a black silicone storage base for the tamper.
53mm Coffee Tamper – The tamper for espresso machine is fit for 54MM portafilers.Built in spring design, can maintain a constant pressure of 30lbs, allows the pressed powder to remain at the same level each time ensuring that your coffee grounds are evenly tamped for optimal extraction.!!! Please measure the diameter of your portafilter before ordering.
Espresso Distribution Tool – The coffee stirrer is designed with udgraded 8 fine stainless steel needle which can break up any clumps, fluff up the coffee bed and create a uniform density of coffee in the basket, resulting in a smoother, richer and more flavorful cup of coffee.The espresso distributor is easy to clean, simply wash with water and leave to dry.
Espresso Puck Screen – The puck screen is the perfect addition to espresso brewing which helps prevent coffee grounds from sticking to the espresso machine brewing head, keeping the brewing head clean. It even out the flow of water while helping to hold the puck solidly together to prevent channeling and spurts from occurring, extraction will be smoother, more even and balanced, resulting in a more mellow coffee taste.
Perfect Gifts for Baristas & Coffee Lovers – The espresso hand tampers compatible with 54mm Breville / Sega coffee Portafilters including the Barista Express, Pro, Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser, and Duo-Temp Pro.The espresso tool set is an ideal gift for any coffee enthusiast and home barista.