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The SPHERE Espresso Accessories, Espresso Machine Accessories, Iced Coffee Chiller, Espresso Must Haves, Coffee Tools, Chiller for Iced Coffee (3 Prong)

Price: $10.99
(as of Jun 19, 2024 20:32:29 UTC – Details)

Inspired by Hugh Kelly’s 2021 Barista World Championship award winning recipe, The SPHERE allows espresso enthusiasts to pull shots with enhanced aroma and reduced bitterness at home.
Compound Chilling is a technique developed to brighten the flavor profile by running espresso over frozen metal stones. The SPHERE makes this technique easier than ever to achieve at home or specialty coffee shops.
Simply freeze The SPHERE in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours and place it onto your espresso glass directly below the portafilter. Start your coffee machine and let the coffee flow down smoothly around the frozen sphere.
The SPHERE also offers a quick chilling alternative without the wait or dilution of flavor. Comes in Three Prong or Four Prong depending on your machine’s distance from the group head to the face of the machine.
While recommended for use with bottomless portafilters, pairing a dual spout portafilter with The SPHERE is a great way to do a taste test with one spout pouring over The SPHERE while the other pours directly into another glass.